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We offer the following services for client companies:

  • Searching and direction of the employees to the employer.

    Send your requests about the necessary candidate to our email address info@firmastam.bizAnd we start searching according to your criteria. We negotiate with potential candidates, specifying all the details and terms of agreement. We direct the candidate to the representative of the client company in case of positive result.

  • Services of the accountant with many years of experience of work in Poland.

    Cooperating with us, you receive accounting of the high quality from a specialist with 25 years of experience. Just write to us to begin cooperating with us.

  • Services of interpretation or translation into Polish from Russian and Ukrainian and vice versa.

    Services include the ordinary translation (i.e., without the seal of the officially sworn translator) of documents and interpretation. The date and conditions of personal presence should be negotiated beforehand. There is a system of discounts with constant cooperation and large orders.

  • Filling the documents required for applying for the visa and legal stay of a foreign worker.

    We offer services in filling such applications as: an invitation, the request for analysis of the local labor market in order to obtain the information of the headman concerning the staff shortage, the application for the working license from voivode for a foreigner, the form for applying for the permanent residence and temporary residence, other forms in the state institutions of Poland.

  • Staff recruitment services for client firms with all necessary documents on our part.

    Your company needs an employee, but there is no staff or time for organizing its legalization? In this case, we are ready to do all the necessary paperwork and maintenance. Cooperation in this direction is possible only after preliminary negotiations and signing the agreement between the parties for the providing of these services.

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